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Lucinda Hollis was born in Dallas Texas as the oldest daughter of Johnny & Nita Donnell. She grew up in Grand Prairie, where most of her life was spent in a neighborhood called Dalworth. It is what most would consider the “ghetto”, but she considers it to be home. Her most vivid memory as a child was being able to play with children of all races. “We all got along and I am pleased to say I did not have to deal with prejudice,” she states. Her book touches on family, friendship, love, and respect. She learned how to tackle complicated issues with the help of Almighty God and a lot of tenacity. Her story is real and comes straight from the heart. She has no degree in English nor does she hold a Ph.D., but she will educate you beyond belief. Lucinda Hollis is the author of her first book, which is an autobiography, entitled From the Hood to Understood. She states, “We are all from the hood or a hood, some have good neighborhoods some have substandard neighborhoods.” In addition to writing her long time goal has been to host her own television show in Dallas, Texas. She paid for her own classes to become certified in studio production. She acclaims, “The studio was like home to me, it all came so natural.” She has supervised and managed employees at big corporations and she always knew she would own her own business. She has great business acumen and has added value to many organizations. One thing she has learned and always instilled in her people is the concept of RESPECT: Treating others how she herself would want to be treated. Even in a leadership role, she was open to suggestions and never had that know-it-all attitude. She had applied for jobs and was so nervous because she was up against employees who had degrees and had been with the company for years, but she conquered every position she was offered. “Integrity,” she says, “will get you a long way in life.”

By the way, she also loves hummingbirds. 