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I think my dad may have spanked me 2-3 times. And each time I knew I deserved it. My mother, seems like thousands of times she spanked me. But again every time she disciplined me, I deserved it.
For instance, I remember being maybe about the age of 6. It had to of been one of the holidays, because mamma was fixing plenty of good food. She had started her desserts and she called my older brother and me into the kitchen, she was very specific with her demands. A CHOCALATE cake? UMMM. Mamma said “do not touch my cake”!!!! We both said “okay mamma”. As good as I felt. No soon as I seen her relaxing and kicked back. I told my older brother “let’s go taste that cake”. He feeling the same way I did; you know thinking- dang that cake looks good. We both quietly sneak into the kitchen. First I taste and boy was it good. Then I told my brother “taste it, it’s good”, and the temptation fell through for him too and he ate. Kind of like Adam and Eve, Huh? Temptation will devour you only if you let it. That’s the key, controlling the temptation not letting it control you, and I learned that, at an early age. It was a hard lesson but boy did I get it. Mamma went into the kitchen. Till this day I still do not know why she went in the kitchen. Well it was her kitchen so she could enter it as she wishes, right? She discovered the little finger prints in the cake and started calling our whole names out. My brother and I looked at each other and entered the kitchen. She was like “which one all y’all little bad monsters got into my cake”? My older brother and I just pointed at each other, so she whooped us both. My big brother got his first, then came my turn. When she got to me I felt like the fastest girl alive. We had a house that you could walk around in a circle and enter each room. I kept running in a circle and all of a sudden she doubled back on me and I ran right into her. She tore me up for that one. I did not understand until I got grown, how she knew we had touched her cake. Children are so brainless.